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It All Began At Birthday Parties

...Could you tell me which share I can buy and sleep?...

...Isn't SIP the best?...

...Does anybody make money in the stock market?...

SAFE Trade concept was seeded at social gathering of parents during kids’ parties. The moment other parents come to know Jyoti (our CEO) is working on something related to stock market (he was developing core platform Athena for Bazaar Analysis, now Safe Analytics) they started asking almost the same set of questions. In nutshell he found stock market is fascinating topic for almost everyone. However, very few people had first-hand experience of the market and rest were fearful on the basis of others' feedback. Whoever had bad experience in the stock market, they were victim of poor strategy and indiscipline.

During initial days he used to tell the story of monkeys and banana to explain why they should stop fearing on the basis of borrowed experience. He also tried to explain the truth that why 90% folks make loss in the stock market. However, those accumulated losses get distributed among rest 10% strategic and well-disciplined folks. So, potentially one can make 9 times more than what usually indisciplined folks lose.
Moreover, market itself has grown in the last decade at a very decent growth rate (around 20%). So, your profit is not necessarily dependent of other's loss. Composing a balanced portfolio and being disciplined about periodic review is the key to success.

Very soon he realized telling such stories and preaching will not be helpful to anybody. They need some realistic solution. At this juncture he designed Active Portfolio Service (APS)which works on pre-validated strategy Rule-X and sends investors alert through SMS and email to keep them disciplined. He also created a tool Portfolio Builder to help in composing a well balanced portfolio and validate the performance.

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