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Our user base creates a spectrum, which includes:

Sr. Executive in MNC, Manager, Freelancer, Home Maker, Senior Citizen, NRI, Beauty Consultant, Business Owner, Builder, ...

Checkout How It Works for more details about exact steps to subscribe and use APS.


Name:  Raghu Kedia
Profession:  Associate Director (An International Financial Market Group)
Location:  Mumbai
To the Investment fratenity:

SAFETRADE is transparent and disciplined approach for stock market participants. The best things in life are many a times the simplest as well. This holds true for the investment approach of SafeTrade. The recommendations on portfolio are transparent, super easy to understand ( for beginners or beyond ) and returns / profits are impressive over the period of 6 months plus.

I strongly recommend to anyone who wants above market returns with limited risk . It will NOT want you to put more time , expertise as SafeTrade itself has a defined and tested over time method for stock selection which it updates to the investors weekly/fortnightly. The help / support available for clients is highly professional and customer-friendly. Try it to believe it and every penny spent will be worth it for sure.

Name:  Vishwanath
Profession:  Project Manager (Software MNC)
Location:  New Jersey, USA
I’m using Active Portfolio Service provided by for last two months for analysis. It turned out to be very useful for me. Earlier, there was no service available for detailed analysis of stocks in which I have invested. I was lacking clue about what to hold and where to get out. Safe weekly report is just customized to my portfolio and it provides report in color coded format which is very easy to comprehend. Now it is very easy to take decisions related to my stock investment.

I’ll strongly recommend APS to anybody who would like to or is already investing in stock market

Name:  Soni
Profession:  Home Maker
Location:  Goa
This site is very useful for people like me who do not have knowledge about the investment in share market, but want to reap the benefit from it. It gives clear idea about purchase and sell of share and helps in balancing the portfolio.

I am thankful to this site for explaining the concepts and potential pitfalls in such a simple language and through stories. Approach of this website has really made possible for common people to participate in share market confidently. Best part is this site shares all methodology behind decisions with users in very mathematical form. Further it helps the persons to make composition of shares and take future course of action. Most important, we can see the trend in a particular share and the risk involved in it by the color coding given to every shares. It helps calculation of exact number of shares needed to buy or sell according to my budget and to keep portfolio balanced. The most innovative thing is that, it sends weekly report as E-mail as well as SMS for the next course of actions required. I feel the site is very useful for harvesting benefit of stock market as well as giving wake-up-call for the person who do not have proper time to monitor it. It serves on absolute basis without any hidden interest when it alert us about purchase or sell unlike other sources where intent of suggestion is questionable. As, this site doesn’t enforce buy or sell action of any particular stock on users and shares all logic behind, there is no scope of doubt about any hidden interest unlike other sources which enforce buy or sell action of any particular share.

I would strongly recommend to anybody who has interest in stock market to try this site. One can try the same even without putting actual money on risk using their paper trade concept.

Name:  Vaijayanth M.K
Profession:  Program Director - Strategic Accounts , ERP Practice at Mindtree Ltd
Location:  Bengaluru
Excellent Product for the not-so active investors . I would rather go one step ahead and say that APS is probably one of its kind which uses scientific and logical reasoning in stock investing as against the speculation for stock recommendations . Do have a look at the product and I am sure you would corroborate my recommendation.

Name:  Pankaj Goswami
Profession:  Founder at Pixteroid
Location:  Bengaluru
I don't invest in stocks. It looks scary, complex and almost like a gamble to me. But APS is quickly changing my opinion about it! It gives confidence as I can check my profits if I had invested in certain stocks with the help of APS 5 years back. And whatever combination I try, it always shows very encouraging results. This is just brilliant.

Name:  Neelam Bardhan
Profession:  Beauty Consultant
Location:  Patna
I'm trading for last 7 years. I came to know about trading from internet and found it interesting. Even after 7 years of observations and trading carefully through TV and newspaper, most of the time I faced loss. At last, I got frustrated from losses, I decided to stop trading. After that I got to know about ‘Safe Trade’ from one of my friends. I visited ‘Safe Trade’ on the internet, and found it just mind-blowing. It has captured all scenarios through which I made most of the losses. I was impressed but a little apprehensive, knowing is one thing and solving the problem another. I subscribed their trial package of three months and found it worth of my money. Now, trading in stock market has really become a pleasure for me and I never feel stressed about my investment.

Name:  Piyush Jain
Profession:  Vice President - Global Delivery(Software)
Location:  New Delhi
I tread cautiously in stock market. Entering is easy, but to decide when to exit and when not to exit is the tricky part. I started using APS service (again cautiously). I found that it is quite good at statistical analysis. After following initial few instructions, I saw that its recommendations were good. Now even entry positions I take using APS. In the nutshell, it has acted as GPS for me in the stock market. I would suggest folks to try it out. Keep it up APS.

Name:  Harvinder Bholowasia
Profession:  Senior SDE at Microsoft
Location:  Hyderabad
A very innovative and a must have solution for people who want to make measured investments. It will manage the portfolio for you by giving periodic suggestions. Like a mutual fund manager, but much cheaper :)

Name:  Dev Anshul
Profession:  Principal Fund Manager and CEO at Aspire Portfolio Management Pvt. Ltd.
Location:  Bengaluru
APS is a very useful stock portfolio selection and optimisation tool that lay investors will find very suited to their requirements and tastes. It is one of those rare entities in the world of investing that do not require too much formal background in finance, and yet the tool user would know exactly what the tool is doing. APS is a simple enough tool to understand and use, and yet its portfolio optimisation performance exceeds a simple buy and hold strategy by a significant excess alpha.

Checkout How It Works for more details about exact steps to subscribe and use APS.

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