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Jyoti Kumar
Chief Executive Officer

PGCPM, IIM, Kozhikode
5 Yr. Int. M.Tech, IIT, Delhi
Investment in stock market is not an option anymore. Running high inflation has made it a COMPULSION.

Jyoti is an engineer with specialization in problem solving. He has more than 18 years software product development experience across multiple domains. He has worked for companies like Microsoft (R&D), Synopsys, BARCO etc. As a freelance consultant he has helped numerous clients to grow their business, which includes DTDC, Ranbaxy, Uncle Chips, HACE (now Microcomm India), Cochin Shipyard etc.

Before starting BazaarAnalysis (now, Safe Analytics) he himself did extensive manual trading in Futures & Options. He strongly believes that in order to reach best solution one has to wear the hat of customer. SAFETrade came in picture at kids' birthday party (read Our Story). He realized we are trying to solve the problem for trading world using fastest possible algorithm. There is a big retail customer segment which is looking for investment option which beats inflation and gives better returns than fixed deposit. He designed APS (Active Portfolio Service) for retail investors where they need to pay very little attention and they will get better returns than conventional mode of investments. He launched a separate website SafeTrade.in to keep things clutter free for retail investors (who are not aware of the trading world jargons).

His innovative approach to solve the problems has fetched for him US patent and paper publication in leading international journal. He loves to serve his society and occasionally enjoys donating his services and monetary support to the least privileged ones in the society. He had been an active member (held official position too) of NSS (National Service Scheme) during his college time. He is in the process of officially linking (percentage of profit) the success of SafeTrade.in to NGOs working for under privileged people.

Anubhav Gupta
Director of Program Management

M.A, Economics, SNDT University Mumbai
For investors being too conservative and too liberal both are dangerous. Former kills silently while latter accidently. Following middle path of Buddha with awareness is the right approach even in matters of investment.

University Topper, Multiple Academic Award Winner(Marathi Arthshastra Parishad Prize, Shri Harubhai & Dr. (Smt) Jyoti Trivedi Prize, Prof. Hiralal Kaji Memorial Prize), Visiting Lecturer (at various institutes), Budding Novelist, Contemporary Writer on Economic Affairs, All India Radio- Economic Analyst, CFA (ICFAI) dropout (lost interest due to too much outdated theoretical pedagogy) and Stock Market Player by hobby are some of the keywords which describe Anubhav.

Bazaar Analysis(now Safe Analytics)is brainchild of her passion for stock market and fusion with technology fraternity. Being lone non-technical member in core group she always has tough time defending customers' experience.

If she is not busy defending customers experience then must be playing with her 8 year old son or watching reality TV shows.

Ravi Kumar
Associate Vice President-Marketing

MBA, ESC Toulouse, France
B.Tech, IIT-Delhi
Not taking risk is a risk. Looking for too much security is surefire recipe to stagnation in human evolution.

Ravi Kumar is a versatile manager and an energetic individual. Over the last ten years, he has worked in marketing, sales and product development roles for leading international organizations of digital entertainment/content business. With Gameloft, he spearheaded the company's entry and early growth in India. With Spice and Samsung, he piloted and navigated the uncharted territories.

Ravi has published 'Uncanny Meanderings of Cannes Current' and 'Lucky Meanderings of Lunar Current' on Amazon. He is a senior reviewer at TripAdvisor and a serious practitioner of integral yoga. He loves food and wildlife.

Sudha Khanna
Sr. Vice President-Product Management

EPBM, IIM Kolkata
B.E., BIT Sindri
Automation is integral part of secure, comfortable & efficient lifestyle. So, our investment process also deserves to be automated to return us better than market in secured and relaxed way.

Sudha is an experienced business management professional with more than a decade of experience in business advisory across multiple domains. Prior to joining Safe Analytics team she was working for IBM & GE. She is very passionate about exploring new ideas and domain and she has immense capability to connect with end users’ perspective. Her experience across multiple domains and clients enable her to find intricate ways of usage (often misusage) of a system in minutes which is very hard for regular system developers to think about.

Her hobby is to cook & bake during her free time and she aspires to start her own entrepreneurship journey one day in the field of food business.

Ajay Kumar Batolar
Principal Architect

B.Tech, IIT, Delhi
Rome was not built in a day. Same stands for any great software. It just keeps evolving according to the needs of the users.

Ajay has total 16 years of software industry experience. During his career he worked as freelancer as well as worked for leading companies like Polaris, KPIT, PCS etc. He is very particular about meeting standard in everything whether it is writing software or cooking a delicacy.

He is a great story teller. It is very hard for anybody to leave a gathering if he is narrating any event or story to group. Very creative person and he can find interesting way to do anything within a short span of time.

Luxami Kant
Principal Architect-Test

B.Tech, IIT, Delhi
According to Murphy's law - If things can go wrong they will. Softwares are 100% compliant of this law.

Luxami has 16 years of software industry experience. He has worked for many start-up and large companies like Satyam. He finds creativity has no barrier of best practices and process if applied in test environment. Sky is just the limit. Luxami has immense capability to understand the inside out of a technology in no time.

He is very passionate about finding all the possible outcomes of any event in life. He is true follower of Six Thinking Hats rule proposed by Edward de Bono.

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