It's time to re-calibrate your portfolio

During the last one year more than 70 companies have left the league of BSE Top 500. They have been replaced by relatively new and fast growing companies. Change in the league is not new and almost every 3 months the stock exchange reviews it and few companies go through re-shuffle. However, the size of change is significant this time and it has several implications:
  • Indian economy is going through a major transformation
  • Change has pattern at sector level. Some of the sectors are doing well relatively while some others are at clear decline path
  • Some sectors have no change apparently (number of companies) but there is major change of position within the sector.
This tectonic change in the stock market gives a clear message to the investors to wake up and re-calibrate their stocks' portfolio. There is clear change in leadership. Once leaders like RELIANCE INDUSTRIAL INFRA & IVRCL are out of the league.If you miss the recent wave of front runner and still stick to old leaders who are lagging now, then your investment will fail to yield at par with India's growth story. At Safe Analytics we have analyzed these changes and found a pattern at sector level.

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