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Fundamental Concept?

There are two parts of successful stock market investment process

1.Building a balanced portfolio (Portfolio Builder takes care)
2.Buy & hold when stock is moving up. Sell & hold cash when stock is moving down (APS takes care)

SAFE Trade has created a set of three rules which automatically takes care of above conditions. Details are as follows:

Power of 3 simple rules collectively called Rule-ADX

Background: At Bazaar Analysis after close study of thousands of stocks behaviour, our research team proposed an investment framework SMART . SMART is a very generic set of rules for long term investors and it works across any market across globe. For more information click here

We further simplified the framework rules within scope of Indian stock market and proposed 3 simple rules, collectively we call it Rule-ADX. Rule-ADX is concrete in nature and investors easily visualize the required actions.



APS (Active Portfolio Service) promises investors to implement the recommendations of Rule-ADX on their investment in effortless way.

Rule-ADX is collective name for three different rules, viz. Rule-A, Rule-D, and Rule-X

Rule-A: According to this rule Avoid penny stocks. A cheap stock is very deceptive in nature. Often, novice investors feel it is already so cheap how far it can go down. Technically, all stock can dive to 0 especially if it has history of continuous diving down.

How APS does:APS restricts the service within range of exchange recognized top 500 stocks. There is no information about stocks which are not in BSE500 on our website.

Rule-D: Diversify your investment. We recommend creating a portfolio of at least 10 stocks (but not more than 20) and invest in variety of stocks from different leading sectors of economy.

How APS does:We have provided a tool Portfolio Builder . If an investor creates portfolio under conditions imposed by this tool then it fullfills the criteria of diversification. One can immediately validate the magical result of diversification by analyzing from Portfolio Builder tool.
Diversification is recommended feature (useful for novice investors), not a compulsion. APS works even with non-diversified portfolio.

Rule-X: This is the core of APS service. It suggests not to stick with falling stocks and never be in hurry to buy a stock because it is cheap. Let the stock show clear sign of upward movement. More about this rule is available here

How APS does:APS has automated analysis tool which does the Rule-X based analysis for all stocks and updates the same in investors registered portfolio with us every day in the evening. Information associated with outcome of Rule-X has been given in color coding system which helps users to understand the impact and required action within few seconds. Apart from this it sends snap-shots of color coded portfolio to investors by email and a short report by SMS on weekly basis.

Based on first two rules (Rule-A and Rule-D) if an investor has invested in market for last five years (no buy or sell in between) then following chart is showing the outcome pattern for such investors.


Vertical axis is showing percentage of investors who earned profit corresponding to the range described below each bar.

If investor has followed the third rule (Rule-X) also, then result improved by an average of 7% (from average 14% to 21%).


Vertical axis is showing percentage of investors who earned profit corresponding to the range described below each bar.

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